Need more space at home?

Are you using every inch of storage space in your home to fit your furniture, clothes and other stuff? Let us help you find extra storage to fit them. We offer storage units in all sizes to help you make more space at home.

Get a heated walk-in closet

Winter clothes take up a lot of space. Packing away boots, outerwear and even ski gear is often a bit of a struggle.

That’s where we come in. We offer small, heated storage units especially suited for storing clothes, shoes etc. You can even set up your own clothing rack.

Get ready for spring. Let us help you clean out your closet.

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Store the memories in a safe place

Heirlooms often have great sentimental value. Though, sometimes, they may be a bit tricky to fit into our homes. We help you store them in a safe place whether it’s for a shorter or longer period of time.

All our locations have 24-hour video surveillance. Our units are always clean and dry, and you’ll get your own personal key to access your belongings.

It’s never been safer to store your heirlooms.

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Need more space in your cellar?

You may recognise this scenario: your cellar has turned into a messy pile of all the things stored for later.

Be it baby equipment or children’s toys, you can store your things in our units until you’ll need them once again. And of course, you can always upgrade or downgrade your unit size if you need more or less space.

Make space for what you use at the moment. Store the rest for later.

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