Self storage solutions in Copenhagen

Find Copenhagen’s best storage solutions for both private and business use at Pelican Self Storage. Our central locations cover the entire Capital Area and North Zealand. We also guarantee a high level of security and personal service 6 days a week.

Our storage units are of the highest quality in the market. We provide them in small and big sizes and at good prices. Whether you are looking for flexible storage for your belongings in a top-class storage unit or a safe warehouse for your business, we provide the space.

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Kalkbrænderihavnsgade 3, 2100 København Ø
Phone: +45 39 75 50 06
[email protected]


Vermlandsgade 66, 2300 København S
Phone: +45 39 75 50 10
[email protected]


A. C. Meyers Vænge 138, 2450 København SV
Phone: +45 39 75 50 04
[email protected]


Sejrøgade 8, 2100 København
Phone: +45 39 75 50 07
[email protected]


Hulgårdsvej 131, 2400 København NV
Phone: 8020 7040
[email protected]

Ellebjerg Valby

Blushøjvej 9, 2450 København
Phone: 39 75 50 12
[email protected]

Damhus Valby

Roskildevej 170, 2500 Valby
Phone: +45 39 75 50 08
[email protected]


Ørestads Boulevard 190, 2300 København S
Phone: 39 75 50 11
[email protected]


Buddingevej 310, 2860 Søborg
Phone: +45 39 75 50 03
[email protected]


Roskildevej 519, 2605 Brøndby
Phone: +45 39 75 50 05
[email protected]


Skodsborgvej 48, 2830 Virum
Phone: 39 75 50 01
[email protected]


Frejasvej 30, 3400 Hillerød
Phone: +45 39 75 50 02
[email protected]

Need help with the sizing?

Are you in doubt about the size of your storage unit? Then use our size calculator. Simply just choose the things you need to store, and we will guide you to find the right size.

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Rent a storage unit in Copenhagen with Pelican

At Pelican Self Storage, you can rent whichever storage unit you need - all dry and temperature controlled! We offer storage space from 1m2 to 170m2 - and everything in between.

In our smaller warehousing units, you can easily stack storage boxes, unpack your living room or kitchen, fit a bed and other furniture, or fill a few bookcases and shelves with storage boxes. With a large garage, an XL warehouse or showroom, you get a wide range of interior design options - and plenty of space! You can read more about our warehouses, and find ideas for how to rent a workspace or set up a remote warehouse for products, if you click on business at the top of the main menu.

We provide the highest security standards on the market. With more than 12 centers from Ørestad to Hillerød, you can find us throughout Copenhagen and the surrounding area. Here you will find all of our centers in Copenhagen and Hillerød - all closely located to major highways, which makes it easy to transport furniture, tires, or a campervan straight to your storage unit.

4 advantages by using our storage units:

Good and safe
Wave good-bye to dusty attics and say hello to neat and heated rooms of the size you want.

Central locations
Pelican covers the entire Copenhagen and North Zealand with 12 modern and easily accessible centers.

Relocation services and free trailer rental
If you want it to be as easy and smooth as possible, our moving services will pick up and deliver your belongings for you. If you prefer to do it yourself, you are more than welcome to borrow a free trailer.

High security
All of our centers have alarm systems and video surveillance 24/7 so you never have to worry about the security of your belongings.

Optimal and safe storage options

When you have things lying around in a basement, storage room, or attic, they can still take up space in the back of your mind. Is it getting too cold over the winter? Will the clothes smell from lying in the basement? Is the room secured in the event of a cloudburst? You can let go of all those kinds of questions when you rent a clean and well-lit storage room with the right temperature for storage - it provides fewer worries and a surplus of energy!

As a Copenhagener, you are probably used to clumsy corners and pointy nodges in small storage rooms. Difficult water pipes and low ceilings also don’t help much. For those reasons, many people often assume that storage of their belongings requires many square meters - however, this is a bit of a visual illusion.

With a square or rectangular storage room at Pelican Self Storage, you will have plenty of space in only a few square meters. Our rooms are built for storage with high ceilings so you can easily stack boxes and put a couch or a bed in an upright position.

At Pelican Self Storage you can have a fresh start. Gain control of your things by renting a storage unit in optimal, safe and professional conditions. We will help you get started with free trailer rental, so you can focus on the things that matter such as your renovation, your trip abroad or your company. If you need moving boxes, plastic bags or anything else, we have plenty of cheap moving materials for sale.

Your things will be stored in a room secured against frost and heat, and you can safely rely on us to protect your things against theft - we have surveillance cameras and top modern systems for locking and accessing the rooms.

Find your storage room

Do you need help to find the right storage solution in Copenhagen?

Click below to read the answers for the most frequently asked questions.

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Get extra space with our storage solutions in Copenhagen

It is nice and popular to live in vibrant cities like Copenhagen. Everything is within reach and streets and alleys are always buzzing with life. City life offers movement, cultural experiences and lots of activities.

However, the many favorable benefits and beautiful areas increase the housing prices, and it can be difficult to find something at an affordable cost. For this reason, the space in square meters is often reduced in order to be able to live centrally. But what do we do with all of our stuff when there is less space? Especially as a newcomer from the suburbs, you often leave behind sheds, garages and extra attic space. And what about snow tires, the children’s winter clothes or the kayak?

The small attic and basement spaces in the apartment buildings are often not large enough for long-term storage - especially if you need to be able to move around in there. Whether it is books, outdoor furniture or an old changing table it can feel nice to get it out of the way.

While some want a few extra hours a day, you might walk around wanting an extra room for storage - a kind of extension of your apartment. This is where we come to help!

At Pelican Self Storage, we help you get rid of the stuffed cupboards and the overcrowded storage and basement rooms so you can stress less about not finding the space in your home - we give you freedom and extra space! Our storage units have all imaginable dimensions and sizes.

We help getting your business started with storage

In addition to storage for private use, we also offer advantageous solutions for companies. Some might need a stock warehouse as a storage solution for tools and seasonal items, while others might prefer our heated showrooms with floor-to-ceiling windows and use it as a shop and office in one.

You can also rent a heated garage, which provides you with flexible access to a remote archive or warehouse with the option to drive up all the way to the garage for easy loading and unloading of the transportation vehicle. So whether you need a product warehouse for your webshop, temporary storage space during business relocation or a real office, we have the space ready and waiting for you.

Read more about our tailor made business solutions, or come in for a chat in one of our many centers in and around Copenhagen.

Secure and flexible storage

When you turn the key and leave behind your belongings, you can be sure to find them exactly where you left them. We have secure access systems, video surveillance and on-site staff. We also consider it our most important task to take good care of your belongings.

The whole purpose of renting storage space is precisely that you will no longer have to lose sleep over an old, rusty lock in the basement, or wonder if the wooden door holds back someone attempting to break in. With us, you get secure metal doors with locks, three keys and an access card to keep track of your entries.

It is very different from what people would like to store. We accept everything except flammable liquids, opened paint cans and perishable foods. Maybe the baby’s equipment or kids’ toys need to be tucked away for now? It can also serve as an extra wardrobe for winter storage?

We are happy to take care of your furniture for a shorter period of time if you find yourself in the middle of the classic moving mess. We are also available if your entire home needs to be stored away while you are on a longer stay abroad. The possibilities are endless with Pelican Self Storage!

We provide great and large storage rooms and guide you to the right size
If you are in doubt about what size of storage unit you need, check out our size guide on this page, or drop by your nearest center for a chat with no commitment.

We are present on-site six days a week, so please come by and let us help you find the perfect storage solution for you. We have many sizes and dimensions available - and the space is ready to use!

When you choose to store your things in Copenhagen at Pelican Self Storage, we guarantee:
  • Personal service six days a week in all of our centers
  • Free use of trailers
  • High security through video surveillance and secure access systems
  • Free access to your storage unit all days of the week from 05:30 to 22:00
  • Help with receival of deliveries if you as a company use one or more of our storage units