About Us

Pelican Self Storage is a leading Nordic brand within private and business self storage. We have locations in Denmark, Sweden and Finland which are all centrally located and easily accessible.

Self storage is for everyone
We strive to be the preferred service partner for people moving to and from the big city - for people moving abroad to work - for people moving in together or back home - for people getting married or having children - for people who don’t have a cellar or attic space at home. In short, we are there when life demands more space.

We take pride in good old-fashioned service
Our job is to provide outstanding service so our customers experience the extraordinary when choosing Pelican Self Storage.

Every day, we work hard to provide a service level beyond the ordinary, and our staff is dedicated to make customers experience that something extra at our stores.

We set ourselves apart from others with better temperature regulation at our stores, pleasant lighting and carpets on the floors to help protect your things and create a more homely atmosphere.

Our goal is to ensure that as a customer, you will experience good old-fashioned personal service and a high level of quality in our storage services.

Our background
Pelican Self Storage was founded in Denmark in 2009 by Nordic Real Estate Partners (NREP) and Evergreen Real Estate Partners (EREP).
Since then, things have been moving quickly. We are currently working on many new projects and our goal is to create a chain of high quality, high service storage locations in the Nordic countries situated around the capital areas and the larger surrounding cities.

We are still expanding our presence
With 34 locations throughout Denmark, Sweden and Finland - and many more to come - Pelican Self Storage is undergoing rapid expansion. If you would like to know more, don’t hesitate to contact our head office.

Head office:
Skodsborgvej 48
2830 Virum
Tel.: +45 80 20 70 40
info [at] pelican [dot] dk