Insurance with Pelican

In cooperation with Reason Global Insurance.

Insurance with Pelican

At Pelican, we value safety and security, as it is our job to take good care of your things while you are not using them. That is why we have made insurance that is tailored to Self Storage, and which covers the entire value of your storage, in the rare case that your stored items are damaged.

The insurance is made together with Reason Global Insurance, who are specialists in self-storage insurance, and of course, will not have any deductibles. Below you can read more about our coverages and why having insurance is a requirement at Pelican.

What does the Pelican insurance cover?

Pelican’s insurance is a total coverage insurance which, unlike many other insurance companies, covers the entire value of your storage without deductibles.

What our insurance covers:
- Damage to your belongings due to fire, lightning, explosion, earthquake, storm, flood, rupture or leakage of pipes, intrusion of water or other liquid Moths, insects or pests caused by an external cause
- Theft in burglary
- Damage caused by vandalism

If an unlikely event of damage happens to your storage, and your belongings are exposed to any of the above risks, we are ready to help you!

Click here to read all insurance terms and conditions

With our Pelican insurance you always have:
- No deductible
- You choose the insurance level that suits you
- Should an accident happen, we take care of all the practicalities.

Why do I need insurance?

Insurance is your guarantee that you will not suffer losses if a damaging event occurs. Even if the risk of a damaging event is low, insurance is your helping hand if you should be unlucky enough to experience damage. Therefore, is a requirement at Pelican to have your stored items insured.

How do I take out insurance?

As a new customer at Pelican, it is easy and simple to take out insurance.

When you book storage with our online booking system, you will be asked to choose an insurance level. All you have to do then is to pay and sign the agreement, which includes the insurance document. The insurance takes effect on the selected move-in date.

If you instead choose to make a reservation, call us or come down to one of our locations so we can help you take out the insurance.

If you have any questions about insurance, please just contact us:

Call us Send an e-mail

Use of own insurance

If you prefer not to take out Pelican insurance, it is possible to use your own insurance to cover your storage. Please be aware that most insurance companies do not offer the same total coverage without deductible as the insurance of Pelican.

When using your own insurance, it is important to ensure that your own insurance meets Pelican’s requirements, which you will find in our insurance terms and conditions.

To rent storage with your own insurance, you must be able to document that your insurance meets the requirements.

It is currently not possible to complete an online booking by using your own insurance. Instead, you physically have come down to one of our locations with your documentation, to complete your booking.