It is like a little business community out here

Malene Uhre Thomsen is the owner of Racing Kids, that among other things sells cool elephant hats for children.

Soft mittens, smart beanies and hats for newborns. Racing Kids has been one of the leading Danish producers of kids’ accessories for winter season for the past 27 years. Two years ago, the company was passed on to the next generation, and Malene Uhre Thomsen became the successor.

‘’It was my mother and my aunt, who created Racing Kids 27 years ago,’’ says Malene. ‘‘I have an education in Phycology and I actually had a good job as a supervisor. But I felt that I wanted to be more involved. I really wanted to continue the family business.’’

Even though a company is old, and has a healthy economy, it is still essential to have a flexible business model:

‘’We are clearly a niche company, and we also have a seasonal business model, where we sometimes have a bit more space in the calendar, while other times we are very busy. Especially when we get big deliveries from our suppliers abroad, we need some extra hands and space,’’ explains Malene Uhre Thomsen.

Flexibility is one of the most important reasons why Racing Kids today have a storage at Pelican Self Storage:

‘’Before we had a storage at Vestsjælland,’’ says Malene. ‘’The problem was that it took three hours to drive out there and back. I was forced to have extra items in my home to make everything work.’’

Now my supply is placed at Pelican Sydhavnen, and I can avoid unnecessary transportation. I can get on my bicycle and be there in 10 minutes.

As a customer at Pelican Self Storage, Malene Uhre Thomsen is also eligible to use package acceptance services:

‘’It is simply no fun to work in a remotely placed storage facility and wait three hours on a delayed delivery. At Pelican, the staff can both receive goods, as well as ensure that everything is delivered directly to my storage.”

It is a fantastic service, and it would be difficult for me not to have it. It simply doesn’t get easier than this.

With help from Pelican, Malene Uhre Thomsen feels that she is well prepared to drive Racing Kids to an even bigger growth:

‘’Right now, we do business in about 100 shops in Denmark, 200 shops in Germany, as well as shops in London, Stockholm and the Faroe Islands. However, we still want to expand the business. I would like to sell across Scandinavia, Austria and Switzerland, as well as in Canada and the United States. The sky is the limit – as long as we hold on to the things that we are known for – good fit, good quality and good prices.’’

Today Racing Kids rents three storages at Pelican Sydhavnen. In high seasons the company has rented up to seven storages. The storage can typically be rent out with a very short notice, and the staff is always ready to help.