Now we have a web shop, an office and a showroom at the same place

Amager Kiteskole has a showroom at Pelican Self Storage, where there is an entrance from the street.

Wind, water, waves and speed. Adrenalin is rushing through the body. Jumps, which only for the best, can get up to 30 meters.

Kitesurfing is still a niche sport, but the phenomenon is getting more popular. Christian Leth Petersen and Tobias Mortensen from Amager Kiteskole belong to the group of people who are raising awareness about the sport. Together they offer professional courses, as well as sell specially designed kitesurfing gear in their web shop.

We are both passionate kite surfers and we have been doing it on a pro level. Therefore, we are also proud that we can offer an education done by qualified and certified instructors. It gives us an opportunity to introduce kitesurfing to a completely new audience.

It was Tobias Mortensen, who started the company back in 2010. In 2016 Christian Leth Petersen joined the company and together they created the web shop, where it is possible to purchase kites, boards and other surfing gear, as well as harpoons for those who are interested in underwater hunting.

Today all the company’s activities are gathered in a big, light showroom at Pelican Amagerbro, where both customers and workshop attendees can enter directly from the street. In addition, Tobias and Christian rent a secondary storage for their web shop at the same location

The advantage of being here is for sure the fact that we have been able to gather all of our different business areas. The storage is perfect for our web shop, while the showroom works both as our office and shop, as well as the location where we do our courses. This way we have a flexible space solution and a place for all the activities that do not happen on water.

It is clear to see that Christian and Tobias feel like home at their showroom. They have furnished the room with tables, chairs, benches and shelves – all made of raw chipboards and bamboo, that bring memories of tropic lands. The light falls through the big glass façade from Prags Boulevard, and outside there is room for both a café table and a sign, welcoming customers.

“In general the space solution at Pelican is straight forward, and the staff is always ready to help”, says Christian Leth Petersen: ”It means a lot for us, that we do not have to think about maintenance, heating expenses and all the practical things. We only have to focus on driving our business and growth. The rest is taken care of by others.”

The future also looks bright for Amager Kiteskole. Course participants are coming in big numbers, and the web shop is going well, although it could be even better. Christian Leth Petersen says:

”It is our ambition to make the web shop grow so that we are not only selling to people attending to our workshops, but also to a broader market. But we should not forget that we will always be a seasonal business. From April to November we are very busy. Then there is a long, well-deserved vacation, where we get a good rest to be fit and ready for a new season.”

Amager Kiteskole rents both a garage unit and a showroom with direct access to the street, at Pelican Self Storage – an ideal solution for the businesses that would like to engage with their customers and business partners, to invite them inside.